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Owners of Velocette motorcycles have always had a strong tradition of enjoying technical aspects of these rather unique motorcycles. The objective of this e group is to foster the sharing of knowledge and the building of a virtual community of those interested in technical aspects of Velocette motorcycles. 

This e group complements both the existing Velocette technical site ( ) and the official Velocette Owners Club site ( ). However as we are unable to control the quality of the advice you receive, we cannot take responsibility for accuracy of the responses to your questions. Before acting on any information or suggested modifications you should seek advice from suitably qualified individuals.

NOTE: Joining the group; when asking to join, you will automatically receive a welcome message asking you to reply with your reason(s) for wanting to join. Unless you reply, your application will automatically be rejected after 14 days. After replying, applications are normally accepted within 24 hours.

This is mostly a spam-prevention measure, although a reasonably valid reason for membership (e.g. "I own a 1950 MSS and want advice", as much additional detail as you feel able/willing to provide) is expected!

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